I Would Eat That

deepfriedsnickers.jpgThere’s a lot of stuff I don’t eat (or drink) but for some reason when it comes to the County Fair, all bets are off. It’s like Fear Factor for your heart.

The thing that might actually get me out there are the deep fried foods. I know my gut would totally hate me for days afterwards, but is it so wrong to want to try a Deep Fried Snickers.

The LATimes has a huge article on the deep fried food fair … along with a poll about the foods you’d be most interested in trying. Deep Fried Snickers was at the top of my list, but a Deep Fried Peanut Butter, Jelly & Banana sounds interesting, too.

Anyone been to the fair and tried them yet?

(Image from the LATimes)

12 thoughts on “I Would Eat That”

  1. C,mon Cybele. I’ve read your candy blog for quite sometime and I know your affinity for the Snickers bar. I’ve tried one and they are damn tasty. Work of the devil really. It falls squarely in the realm of “at least once in your life”.

  2. Fred … oh, I totally eat candy, don’t get me wrong. It’s the FRIED part that’s on my list of no-nos.

    I would be completely embarassed to ask about trans fats.

  3. This year they have sliced, battered, fried potatos. As if french fries weren’t enough.

    Yet, if it were served at a Japanese restaurant and called “tempura” it probably wouldn’t bother you in the least! ;)

  4. i can only speak for the deep fried mars bars that i tried in scotland quite a few years back – they were *so* good. i believe the uk’s mars bar is the equivalent of the states’ milky way. regardless, it was very tasty and i don’t even like sweet things.

  5. I have had only one. It was a year ago, and I can still feel it living at the bottom of my stomach. Ironically served to me by a diabetic…

    But it was pretty dang good.

  6. mmmmm, deep-fried oreos….must have more…..the oreos are the greatest!!! not sure about this fair, but I’ve had them at other fairs and such, and they are the bomb.

  7. I plan to not eat for three days, then go.

    Will, I’ll report back on the Krispy Cremewich.

    Ever since my FIRST EVER bacon-wrapped dog at Sunset Junction (consumed simultaneously with a honey-covered funnel cake, also the first I’ve ever ingested), I’ve decided that congestive heart failure is an acceptable risk.

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