Burbank: City of Closed Roads

In my short adventure in Burbank today, every road I encountered was closed or about to be closed, so I’ve given Burbank a new nickname: city of closed roads. I wasn’t necessarily frustrated by the closed roads, it just seemed they were so many of them.

I happily returned to the area of construction in my hood: La Brea near the Bowl. Note to anyone usually traversing the city via Franklin: you may want to find another route – or use Markland’s driving hack and enjoy the twisties because traffic has been backed up on Franklin since they started closing La Brea lanes.

One thought on “Burbank: City of Closed Roads”

  1. the taste of burbank was happening this evening. Samples of food from all the restaurants…yadda, yadda, yadda. Everything should be back to normal the next time you venture there.

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