Sweatin’ Bullets 9/20/06: Naming Rights and Stolen Pot Wonderland

http://blogging.la/archives/images/2006/09/Shrine%20Auditorium-thumb.jpg Andrew at Here In Van Nuys comes to the aid of a vigilant robbery victim and tries to chase down the perp in the most exciting blog entry I’ve read all week.

One of my favorite venues, The Shrine Auditorium, plans to sell “naming rights” for $2.5 to $4 million a year to one corporate cabal or another. “The goal is to raise the Shrine’s profile, pay for upkeep and needed improvements and, the owners hope, even lure the Academy Awards back to its stage.” Metroblogging’s Shrine Auditorium has a nice ring to it… (source: Daily News)

New LAist scribe Adam Rose hits the ground running with his first post railing against USC haters by going over their main “smack-talking points”. Among them: “USC fans are bandwagon… Of course there are bandwagon fans in Los Angeles. Does anybody else remember what Laker car flags looked like? They were yellow.”

Both 8763 Wonderlands – the house where the infamous Wonderland murders took place, as well as the site 8763Wonderland.com – are going through some dramatic changes. The house, where porn star John Holmes resided, is for sale (source: Curbed LA)… and writer Rodger Jacobs who started his website after producing a documentary on the murders (and consulting on the Val Kilmer film, Wonderland) is moving from Burbank Glendale to Nor Cal for an indeterminate time.

If you, uhhh, happen to, uhhhh, know where $12,000 worth of stolen… um… stolen pot plants happen to be, contact the PLAD. Stephen Blackmoore at, uhhh, LA Noir knows…. uhhh… where’s the nearest 7-11?

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  1. and actually it was (allegedly) $12 MILLION worth of da kind..(“street value”) for 20,000 plants. does anyone really believe either figure? like they counted them out one by one on the hood of a black and white?

    and for the record it looked like ditch weed to me…

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