Sweatin’ Bullets 9.18.06

3000 mile roadtrip compressed into a 4 1/2 minute video. Kris Reynolds of SkeletonMedia.com taped his entire trip from Portland, Maine to Los Angeles – minus the mandatory stops at Cracker Barrell.

ZumaDogg (now writing at Mayor Sam) explains why Police Chief Bratton supports drivers licenses for undocumented workers:

…the licenses will have a big red mark on it… (the licenses) will require multiple forms of documentation… And the person from LAPD who I spoke with, says the general feeling is that this can truly be a way to DOCUMENT the currently UN-documented. So that in itself can help, whereas the State will have a record of these currently undocumented residents/help ID people who are here.

Sha in LA is a misogynist loose* when it comes to her love of Los Angeles streets – she lists her twelve favorites, but none are from Burbank:

The only redeeming aspect to driving in the Burbank area…left hand turn lanes with accompanying green arrow. Hallelujah. I’ve never seen so many left hand turn lanes with arrows. It almost makes it enjoyable to go on errands during my lunch hour. Can’t wait until L.A. implements the same, which is coming soon yes?

Andrew at Here In Van Nuys gripes about the urbanization of North Hollywood and recalls “the destructive policies of the last 50 years have ruined much of what once made this a pleasant area.”

I remember last year reading a plethora hype followed by bad reviews of the Los Angeles Lobster Fest… alas, this year there was NO hype, but I did stumble across this review: “Not sure if i’ll go back to this one. The lobsters were kind of small and filled with water. I cracked a claw filled with water and it gave me a facial.” And, it looks like lobster fans didn’t miss much – as per previous complaints, on top of an $8 admission (that the web site boasts wasn’t increased) $17 will buy you a pound of Maine Lobster… maybe a deal, but theres only one kind of lobster at a so called “lobster fest.”

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