The dorkiest thing I may ever post here

So I’m racing around like an L.A. chicken with my head cut off, trying to cram a million things in between last weekend’s conference in Palm Springs (highly recommend the uberstylish Parker, if you’ve never been there) and this weekend’s in San Diego (no reco for boring, Joe Corporate hotel), and one of the things I need to do is pay the bills. Which, since I am a big nerd and cheapskate, in addition to being a big dork, I do online.

So I type “” into the URL bar, hit return and–whoa, Nellie! I’m stopped dead in my tracks by the clean, understated style of this. Way to go, L.A. public utilities!!!

Then I notice something about, uh, “design.” And, um, Bahrain. And I actually googled LA DWP. And I landed on this.

Dork. Sigh…