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Last night, while I was touring around the city with the TEKDBZ crew in their limo bus that was supposed to take us to SF for a show that ended up being cancelled, I got a private screening of the Banksy show. As it turns out, one of the security guards happened to be from the U.K., and had heard about Photek, who started the TEKDBZ crew, and the guard was nice enough to let us in even though we showed up around 11pm and had missed the actual show. I did my best to get a good photo of every piece, but some of my photos of the oil paintings came our a bit crap. So I know you’ve seen a million photos from a million different photogs, but this set is pretty much everything that was in the Banksy show. You can also see a few selections after the jump…

Update No the elephant was not there. I made up all the titles, I didn’t get a program / price list if there was one, and I don’t even think the art is for sale… could be wrong about that though.

Construction Rat


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6 thoughts on “Banksy Private Showing”

  1. The elephant shows up at 1:30pm on Sunday…it left in a trailer at 7pm this Saturday. Quite a boring show, perhaps all part of the Banksy gag.

  2. It was killed and eaten by Banksy himself, I’m sure. With fava beans. After it was force-fed grain and kept in a very small pen. Evil, horrible, inhumane individual. How can he be so fucking HEARTLESS?!? The man obviously doesn’t value life in the LEAST!


  3. Whow whow…whow…Michele. You’re forgetting that he painted that elephant. I mean he actually PAINTED it. With NON TOXIC POWDER BASED PAINT! You know, the kind that washes off safely… This Banksy character will have a special place in hell set aside just for him.

  4. Oooooh, a ‘controversy’!

    Controversy – it’s the new pink!

    (I mean, how else are you going to yank everyone’s attention away from lonelygirl15?)

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