The Banksy Coverage Never Ends: Brangelina and Live Elephant Video

Jay Buim of Yeah You Know finagled his way in to the apparently star-studded Banksy preview last night and has some interesting tidbits, including an appearance by Brangelina and video of the live, painted elephant. My observation by far has to be:

I guess Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are down with street art and Jude Law just likes to scheme some art crowd poon.

Tons of photos as well. And if you’re sick of hearing about Banksy, hang tight. It will all be over by Monday.

2 thoughts on “The Banksy Coverage Never Ends: Brangelina and Live Elephant Video”

  1. Vaginalina Jolie. Ode to a dirty adultering slut! She is the quintessential yeasty-twat twit-whore. The hypocritical seeker of the sloppy Aniston seconds should invest in liposuction of those gnarly sausage lips to augment her bony arse, so her head might be better nestled while up there.

    Vag Jolie…the apple does not fall far from the nasty Jon Voight. You have your father’s bizarre, exaggerated facial twists and pus-bucket cheating heart.

  2. I was hoping the “Brangelina and Live Elephant Video” would be along the lines of the “Chick with a Horse Video.”

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