Heater Time Already?

First let me say – thank heavens that infernal heat is gone. I mean the weather in the last month was very dumb. Too hot. OK, that said – we have gone from superhot, to superchill in the course of a few days. So much so that I am wondering if it is not too early to light the pilot on my heater.

Given the choice, I will always select to be a little too cold rather than a little too hot. I get lethargic when hot, when cold maybe a little bit uncomfortable, but I can deal with it.

In any case, this is good hiking weather.

2 thoughts on “Heater Time Already?”

  1. Yes! After months of sleeping au naturale, last night I finally donned my fleecy, comfy, and warm sweat pants. Last year I saved a ton by not lighting the pilot, and I’m thinking the same thing for this year. Instead, I’ll opt for more blankets and more kitty cats snuggling close by.

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