Learn To Bike Commute Tomorrow

Are you tired of sitting in traffic? Tired of high gas prices? Tired of breathing the fumes from all that high-priced petroleum? Tired of supporting the car culture?

Well, here’s your chance to try to learn a different approach to getting to work. Roll With It is a program which will pair experienced bike commuters with n00bs, and teach them how easy it is to get to work safely and happily on a bike.

I ride to work in Beverly Hills once or twice a week, from Venice. People ask me about this all the time – isn’t it far? aren’t you afraid of traffic? It is far, but I don’t go too fast, and I am not afraid of traffic because I know how to avoid it (bike lanes up Venice, side streets, etc). But it’s tough for people to just start riding to work when it’s not something they’re used to.

If you’re a cyclist, sign up at the website to mentor. If you’re a company, encourage your employees. If you’re someone who wants to join in this crazy bike cult that you read about on blogging.la, this is your chance. And if you just can’t seem to find the time to get to the gym, this is a great chance to combine both your commute AND your fitness.

Tomorrow is the official kickoff, but this will be an ongoing effort. Let’s Roll With It!

8 thoughts on “Learn To Bike Commute Tomorrow”

  1. Cool stuff–any idea if there’s any stuff like the mural tours or anything else in Long Beach? It’s not impossible to get up to LA for these events, but it’s not ideal.

  2. This is a great idea. I have to admit that besides my fear that I’m too out of shape to make it home, my other fear is traffic. I’ve been taking different routes to work in my car the past few weeks trying to plot an appropriate work to ride my bike.

    But the thing that has empowered me is an offer from our own Will Campbell to accompany me on my first day … kinda like being walked to school. Keep those bullies in SUVs away from me!

  3. One pretty good option for those who are worried about the in/out of shape issue (or just arriving at work all sweaty) is to use the bike racks on the buses to handle the to-work part of the commute then bike home. Even if you can only use the bus for part of the trip to work, it’ll work well. And if you work in west L.A., the bike commute home can be MUCH faster than driving.

  4. Ride On! As a bike commuter, I just have to say that all your fears will be allayed when you just start biking. It’s easy to be afraid of sharks when you’re thinking about surfing, too. You have to be smart, and you have to pay attention and be defensive- but honestly, biking to and from work is the best part of my day.

  5. Rock on, Will :)

    Also, I should add that when I got to work this AM, HR had printed and distributed the flyer for Roll With It. It’s also being endorsed by some big companies around the city. HR departments can help get the word out to people with common destinations.

  6. Another thought: if you or any aspiring bike commuter work at a large company, you might enquire with your HR department about shower and locker facilities. The building I work in doesn’t have them, but I badgered the right people and I and three other people were granted access to another studio lot across the street to use their showers and lockers. So now, after a 13 mile ride to work, I head straight across the street and get cleaned up and am ready to work.

    Also, if your employer is really big, ask about alternative commuter credits, or green commuter programs, or something like that. I earn $4 every day I ride my bike by my employer. Less gas not used, that’s about 7 extra dollars in my pocket every day I ride. Free lunch! Your company might offer similar incentives. If it doesn’t, raise the issue.

  7. I just wanted to comment to those cyclists that ride for fun there is going to be a Fun Bycicle Ride south of the border on September 30th. The ride is 50 miles long. It starts in Rosarito and it ends in Ensenada, there will be a beach party once you cross the line. I did this ride 6 months ago and it’s really fun riding while taking a look at the beaches. About 10,000 people show up to this event every six months. So if you have nothing to do that day and you like cycling, do it, it’s really fun.

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