Get ‘bent?


Following up on Jillian’s post below about Bike Commuting, I’m thinking about getting back on the pedals. I used to bike commute when I lived in NY and DC, but had to give it up because of back and neck pain.

Now, after checking out some recumbent bikes online, I’m thinking about giving it another go. They’re quite pricey, however. It’s easy to spend 1-2K. Can anybody share local resources on recumbent bike stores, used sellers, or places that will rent recumbents?

Recumbent FAQ from Bent Rider Online

4 thoughts on “Get ‘bent?”

  1. Maybe it’s my overall wariness of recumbents as a commuter bike option but that FAQ you link to seems like a whole buncha spin. Couple that to the price range of $1,000-$2,000? I say go upright.

  2. I agree with above. Ive always been uneasy about recumbents because theyre so low that it makes you even less visible to traffic. That gets dangerous on dense city streets!

  3. There is a good recumbent bike store called Bent Up Cycles on Balboa Blvd. just north of Saticoy in Van Nuys. Lots of different ones to try out.

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