Sweatin’ Bullets (9/13/06): Prizes, Gas, Arnold, etc.

It isn’t a vacation or even premiere passes, but if you’re interested in winning a prize pack of Black Dahlia movie goodies check out this post here. Entry deadline is today at noon… but with less than ten entries (so far) your odds are relatively good to actually win something!

Since Disney “bought” Pixar Studios (in spite of the numbers, I think it’s Pixar who are the ones who now rule over Disney), it was inevitable that Steve Jobs would announce a Disney iPod. This comes part of an announced exclusice deal for iTunes to make downloads available for other flicks from Disney, Pixar, Touchstone, and Miramax. My prediction is that this deal, along with similar recent ventures by Amazon.com and others, will be nixed by the same type of anti-trust laws that kept studios from owning theatre chains.

On Monday, Governor Schwarzenegger signed a bill that makes it an infraction “to take more than 25 copies of a free newspaper to recycle it or prevent people from reading it.” (source: Editor & Publisher) Lil Mike at Metroblogging San Francisco covers this (among other recent “Shwizenjigger” controversies) with sharp analysis including: “No wonder the prison guard union has endorsed his opponent… can you imagine how boring prisons will become if they are full of newspaper thieves?”

Is LACMA looking to change its name? Curbed LA reports that they’ve been asked their opinion on changing the Los Angeles County Museum of Art into THE MUSEUM OF ART Los Angeles County.

Peggy Archer discovers the hard way that there are only three gas stations in Beverly Hills, along with “a certain type of woman there – bleached blonde hair, botoxed yet somehow pinched faces, overly yoga’d bodies, nose jobs, cheek, chin and breast implants, liposuction, bleached teeth, Hermes bag, blank stare.” Not to spoil the story, but that breed of woman didn’t help Peggy out with her stalled car.

Erica Zabowski of the LA Independent provides a little background on some of the unknown celebrities found along the Hollywood Walk of Fame, including such names as Elmo Lincoln, Licia Albanese, Fed Niblo, and Little Jack Little. In twenty years, I imagine another writer will include Ryan Seacrest in a similar article.

3 thoughts on “Sweatin’ Bullets (9/13/06): Prizes, Gas, Arnold, etc.”

  1. Why would LACMA change its name?

    TMOALAC is unpronouncable.

    Of course you could also abbreviate it MALAC, which sounds like something you’d take for stomach upset.

  2. On Monday, Governor Schwarzenegger signed a bill that makes it an infraction “to take more than 25 copies of a free newspaper to recycle it or prevent people from reading it.”

    I’m glad to hear this. Because it’s heartbreaking when you work so hard on a paper, like I do every week, and when you go to your local shop to grab a copy, week after week the entire pile of 100 papers is gone–stolen before anyone got a chance to even read it.

    What usually happens is that a rival distributor will come along, drop off his papers, and pick up everyone else’s. Near my home, the dude who drops off the Warner Center Times (yes, I live in Canoga Park) takes both stacks of LA Weeklies AND the whole thing of City Beat. Just loads ’em in his truck and toodles off. I’ve begun personally dropping off my paper every other day or so in small little piles, because it makes me insane to drop a big pile off one night, only to pass by the next morning to see it’s vanished.

    If any of you ever see someone doing this, tackle the person and beat them mercilessly.

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