Horse Feathers at Tangier – Ticket Giveaway!

This Friday is going to be the jam. And by “the jam” I mean “a night of kind of dark, moody, folky tunes played by people who are awesome at Tangier.” Are you with me? Sweet.

So the story goes like this:
On Friday night three bands are going to be playing at Tangier. They are:
Horse Feathers – These kids are coming down from Portland to play a show before their album drops on the 26th. Basically, these dudes met at a basement show and started collaborating. Now they are throwing down folk-inflected tunes that NPR’s song of the day calls “One Of The Year’s Most Accomplished and Stirring Debuts.” You can still nab the track “Finch On Sunday” from the music blog of An Aquarium Drunkard. The song is great. The band is great. You will come to the show. It’ll be great.

More bands and free ticket info after the cut.

Hour of the Shipwreck – This band is full of “old world charm” we’ll call it. Think intricate acoustic songs filled with things like bells, organs, 12 string guitars, normal guitars, mandolins and all the fixin’s. Their myspace page says “the wind organ and steel strings, drummings and bells and voices shall remain singing in the darkest of harmonies.” I’m pretty much like “yeah.”

Pink & Noseworthy – This two piece is in mid-residency at Tangier and can best be described by me as dark and sultry. All those kids who love Neko Case will totally be feeling this. Pretty much, the deal here is that if you come to Tangier you’re gonna fall in love with all kinds of good stuff.

Also DJ Robot Mark will be spinning some records in between sets. It won’t be that annoying dancepunkwhateverclash music though, this’ll be a bit less grating and probably a lot more conducive to talking to a date rather than just rubbing awkwardly against them while looking around the room to make sure people are looking at you. I guess by that I mean this should be pretty fun.

Anyway, since I know people and work with people and things like that I’ve got a pair of tickets to give away to the show. All you need to do is leave a comment (be sure to fill in the email section so I can get in touch with you) and check your email tomorrow when I’ll send out the winning confirmation email. Easy like Sunday morning, right? I’ll see you there.

21+ $10
Tangier Lounge – 2138 Hillhurst Ave. Los Angeles
Visit for details, directions.

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