First hand account of Montreal school shooting

As you may have heard, unfortunately there was another school shooting today. This time it was in Montreal at Dawson College. One of our fellow Metrobloggers, Jay, works at Dawson College and just posted his first hand account of what he saw today. It’s a pretty horrific story, but also absolutely amazing. He writes:

“I then went to speak to a coworker to see if he knew anything, he knew nothing more than I did. He and I, along with a handful of other folks in the print shop were just kind of listening to more gunshots and screaming, trying to figure out what to do next because the shots were getting louder, therefor closer. A few other stragglers entered my area for safety and I was “manning the door” with yet another colleague while the others (approx. 12 people) were taking cover in the back area, out of view form the main door.

“My colleague then spotted a young girl looking for cover in the hallway and ran out to help her. There was another gun shot as he got the student to the ground… he was hit in the shoulder and ran back to the print shop. I have no idea what happened to the student, I don’t know if he knows either. He will be fine, I’m no expert on bullet wounds, but it looked like it went straight through.”

Definitely worth reading the whole story for yourself.