10 Things Learned Browsing the L.A. Coroner Site

The fine folks over at losanjealous just made a post that almost made me choke on my shredded wheat. They spent some time on the L.A. County Coroner Web Site and just wrote about the top 10 things they learned while there. My favorites are:

3. On the privacy page explaining in detail that they don’t use cookies, two cookies are set.
4. To help off-set monetary losses, the Coroner’s Office opened a shop called Skeletons In The Closet in September 1993.
7.The site is laced with punny taglines such as “Our Commitment Burns Bright”, “We Have Our Work Cut Out For Us”, and “Stay Cool.”
10. You will have nightmares after viewing the Unidentified Persons List.

5 thoughts on “10 Things Learned Browsing the L.A. Coroner Site”

  1. jesus!!! so i read #10 and i thought “no way they have pictures up of the unidentified dead people”…so I went and looked around, and oh god, that was such a bad decision.

  2. Yeah, totally bad decision. Seriously. If anybody else is considering checking it out, don’t.

    I’ve been to that gift shop. The best part is that they have to buzz you in and you walk right through the workings of the coroner’s office to get to it. Most of the stuff is pretty cheezy, but it’s so worth the trip.

  3. The LAT did something on the proposed renovation at the Coroner’s Building. I always shudder when I see it because it’s pretty damn creepy.

    Anyway, the LAT piece had some interestig things on coroners and the differences between shows like CSI and real life.

  4. i wished i had read mofomon and 5000!’s comments before thinking (and doing!) the exact same thing.. geez!

    luckily, I snapped the close window button after the 2nd image loaded; enough to confirm that yes, they actually..do… post … photos of dead people.

    (heeby jeebies)

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