Tip of the Iceberg – Sued for Lack of Coverage

There’s a very funny article in the LATimes this morning that’s making the blog-rounds about the celbrity boutique Kitson suing US Weekly for NOT mentioning them

In an effort to assuage Kitson’s ravenous lawyers, I thought it was high time blogging.la made mention of them. After all, we could be next.

Here are a few choice items that I found on their website:

CGeorgeCashBallCardweb.jpgOf course the first place I went was their virtual sale rack, where I discovered this cashmere gem, complete with Curious George balancing on a beachball. I see why it’s on sale though, it obviously doesn’t do much to keep a girl warm. They sell underwear but no bras.

(Or perhaps it’s more exciting than I ever expected).

Now only $162!

Sizes S-L (I’m guessing nothing from their store comes in XL)

http://blogging.la/archives/images/2006/09/RangeRoverOnesieWeb-thumb.jpgIndoctrination into the Kitson lifestyle comes early for the little ones. This onesie says “Stroller today Range Rover tomorrow.” Yes, teach your parents well, my friends.

It only comes in sky blue and sells for $18.

http://blogging.la/archives/images/2006/09/bettyford-thumb.jpgDon’t worry, there’s plenty for that important male wannabe in your life.

Here’s a sassy tee with the logo for the Betty Ford clinic where the famous and alcoholilc go to clean up. By wearing it you can trivialize their battle wtih addictions, especially when folks see the back of the shirt that says, “If Found Please Return” and includes a map to the recovery center! LOL! I’m hoping this begins the trend towards making fashionable fun of all sorts of physical woes like AIDS, Tourette’s and brain injuries recieved in the line of duty in Iraq.


This concludes our roundup of all the fashions that are fit to be worn this week in Los Angeles.

3 thoughts on “Tip of the Iceberg – Sued for Lack of Coverage”

  1. This is an especially important point from that article:

    Kitson founder Fraser Ross claims the magazine reneged on a settlement in which it agreed not to disrupt the business or disparage the reputation of the store.

    Because I think Kitson originally got into legal wranglings because they claimed that the paparazzi were damaging their business. Oh, then they went and invested in an agency that reps paparazzi:


  2. Fantastic story and post. I feel your eye rolls from over here. I seem to have that reaction to 90% of what passes as boutique, uh, coture these days. Oooh, my shirt is more ironic than your shirt! Look at me!

    S-L – and probably on hep American Apparel 2 cent tshirts as well.


  3. Also: I love that they claim $10k/day in damages from the snub.

    But really, I empathize with them. I mean, how else will hard working small businessmen be able to sell $58 t-shirts without the proper support from community-supporting publications like US Weekly. I mean, you know the kind of long, constant popularity of Los Angeles boutiques – how could anyone cut one down in its prime. Celebrities and thousands of teenage girls would have shopped or thought about shopping there for years if not for this.

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