Cairn Valentine Coming back from a guilty-pleasure ice cream stop at the Foster’s Freeze in Atwater Village during the previous weekend’s heatspell I spotted this remarkable stack amidst the rocky median that splits Fletcher at the onramp to the Glendale Freeway.

I’m used to seeing rock piles called cairns while out hiking, but rare is it that you see them in the city — much less ones that tower more than six feet tall.

Making a boulder dash across traffic lanes for a closer examination yesterday, I found the numbers “9-05” painted on one of the upper rocks and the backside of one of the lowers was printed “Lalo.” Though these might just be tags, I doubt it. The numbers make me wonder if I’ve been driving by this marvelous urban cairn for over a year and just now noticed it, and the name on the back might be the creator maybe?

A small photoset of it can be found here.

2 thoughts on “Cairn Valentine”

  1. Are those rocks drilled to accept a steel rod? Is that what is holding it up so straight? Or is this a SupaGlue demo? In either case, why go to all the bother? Yes, I know “EVERYBODY likes to have a hobby. Why pick on MINE?”

  2. I didn’t see any drilling nor excessive use of adhesive, but then I must confess I wasn’t looking to spoil any illusion.

    As to why go to the bother… I can only guess it’s construct is a symbolic gesture. As cairns are used along hiking trails to provide direction, perhaps who ever did this is trying to help lost souls find their way?

    Maybe, maybe not. But at least that’s why I dig it.

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