Mystery Of The Danglebirds first one I spotted a couple weeks ago hangs spinning in the wind from the intersection of Silver Lake and Glendale boulevards. Today I found this one on Sunset and Maltman in the junction.

They certainly bring a smile to me whenever I see them and they’re definitely better than pairs of sad sneakers strung up on the wires. Anyone know of others out there? And any clue as to who the artist might be?

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  1. i think they have been up for quite some time now, i think i recall seeing them early in the year. i thought they were some artists way of creating a visual road map on how to get to his house. “turn left at the blue bird, and right on the yellow bird.” or at least, thats what i wouldve used them for.

  2. Note – another street artist who was doing a similar project in Los Angeles recently got slapped with a felony for hanging something from power lines. This is a lot different from just working on a wall, the DWP take it very seriously.

    There’s also one downtown at the intersection of Alameda and & 1st.

  3. He/she is a local artist who lives in the arts district downtown. I’ve never met, or seen this person, but they had an art show at the Groundworks coffee shop on traction. The birds first showed up as realistic looking sparrows downtown.

  4. Glad you posted this, Will. I’ve been wanting to but haven’t managed a good photo. Looks like that free camera sports a pretty worthy zoom!

  5. am I growing cynical? I thought this might have been a street team doing advance advertisement for some new product line (it is september, after all) and using so-called guerilla marketing techniques.

  6. Pass by the one on La Brea & 4th every morning on my commute. Could it be the same artist responsible for the fabulous chicken murals on Sunset in Echo Park?

  7. Hey there Meredith, the same thought crossed my mind, but the guy who does those chicken murals around Silver Lake Echo Park goes by the art name of Cache and is more into decorating walls than powerlines.

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