Followup: Banksy @ Disney


Earlier today Dave posted about a Banksy piece at Disney. Apparently he installed a Guantanamo bay inmate inside the Thunder Mountain Railroad ride. The folks at Wooster Collective have gotten ahold of photos of the installation including the one above. Follow that link for a few more. Also, reader a35mmlife writes in and says:

“didnt have my camera, but there is a HUGE new banksy piece on melrose… right in front of the highschool seen facing eastbound… soooo rad. says “no more heros” with a giant Robin (as in batman and robin)… its fantastic”

Anyone get a photo of this yet?

5 thoughts on “Followup: Banksy @ Disney”

  1. what do you guys think of his graffiti on the isreali security fence?
    i read an article saying that banksy in los angeles on a “wherehouse rampage” this weekend. so keep you eyes open.

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