Dark Curtains Make it Better

darkcurtains.jpgThe heat is not news this summer, it’s just a worthy adversary. I’m not sitting cool this year in a big corporate office (that’s one of the “perks” of being freelance) so I’ve had to come up with creative ways to keep my office cool. And it’s been quite a challenge.

To begin with, I have windows in my office of two kinds. The first type is completely sealed shut with the second type a series of 4 inch glass slats that open on an angle, called Jalousie windows. These jalousie windows are great at letting the outside noise and weather in the room, without providing much traditional window action.

I thought they would limit from using an air conditioner until I realized I could take out the individual glass slats to form an opening large enough for an air conditioner. So when the heat struck earlier this year, I relented and picked up an air conditioner. It worked nicely for a while, but my office would never get cold in the afternoons when the heat of the sun came in my west facing windows. My office was not a room of my own, unless I turned into a tropical plant!

If only the window awnings hadn’t been removed when they painted the house, the sun wouldn’t even hit the glass. That’s when I realized I needed dark curtains. So after a bit of rummaging, I found my floor length crimson velvet curtains. In one afternoon my office transformed from the tropical orchid greenhouse to an actual room I could work in. And I don’t even have to run my air conditioner anymore!

So if you’re still dying from the heat – try dark curtains.

*photo by watch-the-birdie via Flickr