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I read today on a friend’s LiveJournal that Jeannie, who many of us met at the last reader party, died in her sleep on Saturday. I didn’t know that anyone from that circle of friends knew her, which made the shock of a young, healthy girl’s death all the stranger.

Jeannie was tall with long blonde hair. She was from Canada. I believe she was attending USC. When we met her, she was wearing a dress with cherries on it. She gave me her email address but I mislaid it.

My condolences to her friends and family.

EDIT: People who knew Jeannie are gathering tonight at Ground Control, where I gather she was a regular.

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  1. Holy shit. That’s terrible. I’ve had more things happen to make me value life in the last year than in the last ten years of my life put together. Not the kind of lesson I’m enjoying having repeated.

  2. Jeanie was actually my cousin’s girlfriend. I invited her, at that meetup, to my Canada Day party the next day, and that’s where she met Anton. They’d been dating ever since – and you must know our mutual friend Kadimah. I will probably post a followup soon, but wanted to speak with her friends/family before posting any details.

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