Guns Drawn in Culver City


This is the scene right this second outside of sixspace in Culver City. We heard sirens a moment ago then some shouting and looked outside to see these two men being detained, presumably arrested, by three Culver City Police Officers. The interesting thing to me was that (as you can see in the shots) two of the officers had their guns drawn, even after the guys were cuffed and face down. The third officer put his gun away seconds before I started taking photos. I watched for a few moments and didn’t see them take any weapons off the guys so I’m wondering what this is all about. More soon if I can find out. In the meantime more photos here.

One thought on “Guns Drawn in Culver City”

  1. I’m no cop but I’m betting they keep their guns on the guys until they are safely stowed in the back of the car. No telling what kind of shenanigans these skells will come up with in a split-second, desperate moment – I say better to keep them in at least one set of sights as insurance, and it looks like the PD agrees with me.

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