Ridazz! Tonight!! Join us!!!

Tonight is the monthly Midnight Ridazz and as Will mentioned earlier last month tonights ride is different than previous Ridazz in that rather than one huge group of people making a loop around the city, this tonight will find two different groups of people on bikes, starting in different places, converging on the Pier. You are then on your own getting back where ever you started from.

The first group will be leaving LACC stadium parking lot around 9PM, and the second from Trader Joes in Culver City around 10:30. While some of the IAAL/MAF is bad ass enough to do the 17 miles from LACC to the pier and then back again (totalling 34 miles), others of us are thinking the 8 miles from Trader Joes to the Pier, and then 8 miles back sounds more doable. If you want to join us, please do, either at the LACC parking lot, OR at our west side meet up location (sixspace – 5803 Washington Blvd, 90232) around 9:30PM. From sixspace we’ll be meeting up with the other IAAL/MAF crew and heading to Trader Joes in time for the launch from there. We’re usualy spotable by our red t-shirts or infamous spoke cards.

5 thoughts on “Ridazz! Tonight!! Join us!!!”

  1. Since I’m sadly without a red shirt I’ll personally be sporting a tastefully demure day-glo orange tee, and if you’re interested in throwing in with those of us IAAL‚Ä¢MAF’ers leaving from L.A. City College we will first be convening at the SilverSun Plaza at Parkman and Sunset (across from Cafe Tropical) at 8:30 p.m. and rolling over to the college from there.

  2. Im going all the way, and was thinking about biking back on Santa Monica Blvd. Does anybody know if that’s flat enough for a single speed?

  3. Santa Monica Boulevard’s definitely pretty level. The only stretch of noticeable climbing on SMB would be in between Westwood Blvd. and Century City, but very much doable on a single-speed.

    For the ride home I may come back via San Vicente through Brentwood and then get down to Santa Monica Blvd. for the rest of the trip back.

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