The Gray Kid plays tomorrow. . .and beyond!

I’ve been meaning to post about The Gray Kid for a while now and now I’m completely without an excuse. He’s playing tomorrow at The HEAR Gallery (2206 Beverly Blvd 2nd Floor) for the release of Daniel Stessen’s book, More Lonely Than Alone. Something For Rockets will also be playing. Maybe you should just watch the totally rad video flier. (Yes, a video flier! Also, note that there is a definitely a slow motion shaking butt in the video. It’s not obscene, it’s not even huge in the frame, just y’know, be wary if your boss is the totally crazy-type or you hate butts.)

I caught The Gray Kid last week at The Echo and the show was pretty intense. The crowd was pumped to see him throw down and throw down he did. He sang his new “vocal mashup” and debuted his crazy new telephone microphone. Gadgets and hip hop, how can you hate that? The Gray Kid’s been pioneering a new form of mashup, (I know, I know, I hate mashups, but this is actually pretty fun) the “vocal mashup.” In his first example, “Bang” (available at The Gray Kid Myspace page) you can check out My Brightest Diamond and The Gray Kid adding vocals over the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s. Okay, that sounds confusing. Just trust me and go check it out.

Finally, while you’re pokin’ around the internet go check out The Gray Kid Says… a blog full of random fun and bizarre thoughts from the head of The Gray Kid (I particularly loved the under 20/over 30 rule.)