Kevin & Bean Bring the Digital Love to My Cold Dead Heart

macbook.jpgI can hear you complainers complaining about this picture already, “What is this? A laptop? C’mon! We’re all bloggers around here! We’ve seen a million of these things!” Well you haven’t seen this one because that, mon amis, is the sweet new internet ride that I totally freaking won this morning from Kevin & Bean on KROQ! Can you believe that shiz?? I’ve never won anything good in my life. I was one of those kids that bought every damn raffle ticket and cakewalk entry that I could get my hands on, thinking that if I just wanted it hard enough the shiny trinkets that I couldn’t afford would land in my lap, almost duty-free. Sadly, it never quite worked out that way. Later in life I won a $50 Pier One gift certificate and quickly discovered that, if you have any taste, winning a $50 Pier One gift certificate is the same thing as winning nothing. It took me nearly a year to find enough things-from-Pier-One-that-don’t-suck to use that damn thing up.

But this morning, sweet, bodacious lady luck finally saw fit to bat an eyelash my way and I found myself live on air during Kevin & Bean’s “What Is Your Deal?” telling them about Mike Judge’s Idiocracy; my schtick being that it’s basically a movie about a planet full of Kevins. They give every caller on that segment a prize and it’s usually something decidedly more low-rent: a t-shirt, a dvd set, maybe a snowboard. But not this week. This week they’ve been giving away the new-ish and awesome-ish MacBook to the five best calls of each show, and today they only took five calls. Therefore, yours truly = new laptop owner!

That makes two of us bLA’ers that have bested the odds and scored something for free. Hopefully it’s the start of a trend because I needs me a fancy new digital camera to go with my fancy new calculatin’ device. If you think you have a subject that’s worthy, the last chance for you to try your hand at MacBook from Kevin & Bean is during tomorrow’s morning show. They start taking calls for the segment around 9:35 and you’ll have to convince the screener that your call is worth the extremely valuable airtime. If not, you can always try KCRW in February, which is where everybody thinks I got mine when I tell them I won a computer from a radio station.

5 thoughts on “Kevin & Bean Bring the Digital Love to My Cold Dead Heart”

  1. Duuuuude! That’s awesome. Too bad I’m not awake in time for Kevin and Bean anymore.

    Best thing I ever won was a Super Soaker. blech.

  2. You listen to Kevin & Bean?

    Sorry. Cheap shot. ;)

    Okay, okay, fine–I’d listen too if I thought I had a shot at winning that thing.

    Congratulations! :)

  3. DUDE! I’m sorry I missed this post yesterday or I would have bowed to your worthiness and congratulated you in person at last night’s bike ride! HAWESOME!!!!!

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