You Are Safe With Me

Little fella, there are things you don’t need to know and can’t understand but I’ve got to tell. I don’t know where you came but you’re here in my backyard now. I don’t know where your mother and father is. Or your brothers or sisters. But we’re going to try and find them and reunite you with them. We’re going to try hard. But if that doesn’t work, don’t panic because there’s a Plan B — a good one. I’m going to get you to a place not far away dedicated to caring for you much better than I can.

But in the meantime I am all yours. In the meantime you are scared, but you are not alone. In the meantime you are lost but you are found. In the meantime you are the center of my universe and I am your personal protector who will do his best to keep you from harm. So call out for your mom to see if she can hear you. Eat a little if you’re able and rest as best you can, little fella. You are safe with me.

11 thoughts on “You Are Safe With Me”

  1. I think this squirrel is thinking, “Nuts! One wrong turn and now I’m a captive a giant furless beast. I’ll play it coy, but when he least expects it, I’m going for his eyes! Damn, I’m hankering for an acorn.”

  2. You know I think you’d better hide that
    book titled “Small Game Cookin” fella
    might get the wrong Idea.

    Obcourse if he can read, you can always pull
    a Simpsons, blow off the dust and find that
    the book is really titled.
    “Small Lame Crooks”

  3. Good lord, Will. You’re some sort of…uh…legendary mountain man who took in lost animals?

    Not the Pied Piper…not Johnny Appleseed…fuck! But something like that. But for cute baby animals.

    You are such a sweetheart to take him in. And he’s SO. DAMN. CUTE.

    Poor wee thing.

  4. Their mothers get them to go to potty by licking their genitals. You should use a wet cotton ball (if it is that young and not relieving itself).

    You are a good person. Thank you.

    BTW, the wife is now insufferable for something small and cuddly.

  5. oh, come on jimmy, i’m insufferable all the time, anyway. it’s my job, right? and a little guy like that wouldn’t be ANY trouble at all… he’s so cute! :)

    thanks for taking care of him, will. i hope it’s going well.

  6. Thank you for the kind thoughts and interest.

    While I’m disappointed to report that mother never materialized for a reunion yesterday, I’m pleased that the young’un finally developed an appetite and was seen found munching on some strawberry, butternut squash and macadamia nuts.

    After arriving at Animal Advocates in the afternoon, it was determined the squirrel was female and suffering no ill effects or injuries. There was some curiosity as to why a squirrel its age and size could be so tame. The plan is to pair her up with another female squirrel currently being cared for that’s about the same size and release them both later this month.

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