Things to do with the Parents

Okay, I’m asking for some help in planning my weekend. My father is coming to town and I’ve got a few ideas of what to do, but I’ve only sketched it in. He’s visited at least a dozen times, and he’s pretty famliar with the city. Here’s what I’ve got to suggest for our itinerary:

Hollywood Bowl – Willie Nelson is playing
Disney Concert Hall – just take a tour in the afternoon
Wine Tasting – Silverlake Wine has tastings on Sundays
Getty – we’ve done this before
Long Beach Aquarium – I’ve never been there, but I’m not sure how much of a “fish” person my dad is
Chinatown/Little Tokyo/Jewelry District

Does anyone else have any other ideas of things to do?

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  1. Baseball game?
    Silent Movie Theater?
    LACMA Jazz? (Is that still going?)
    $10 Lap Dance at the Rhino?

    Just thinking about the things my Mom likes when she visits.

  2. The Venice canals are a great sunset walk. Cocktails at the Standard downtown too. In my opinion, the tour in the Disney Opera hall kinda blows for what it costs (over 10 bucks!). You do not get to go into the hall, just the common areas. The garden and the roof view are great, but you don’t need to pay to see them.

  3. *venice beach is fun for people watching; very LA, and all my friends enjoy it. Also, afterwards, drive up to Point Dune up on malibu and dinner at dukes or something.

    *Huntington gardens over in pasadena is a lovely weekend stroll, quite relaxing and nice to walk and talk… (if it’s not blazingly hot)

    *Arclight is always good if there’s a hard to find movie playing, since it’s such a swanky theatre- not like your run of the mill cinaplexes…

    *I went to catalina with my mom when she was in town for a long weekend and we had a blast; we took one of the tours that goes inland to the airport and saw a lot of the interior.

  4. Olvera Street/Union Station/Phillipes restaurant
    Downtown (Bradbury Building, The Pantry, Broadway)

    Mulholland Drive (for the view)
    Mt. Wilson (for the view, and the historic telescopes)
    Hollywood Blvd (if he’s never been there)
    Watts Towers

    Pick your Harbour (Long Beach, Newport, Ventura)

  5. What about the Gamble House and/or the Norton Simon Museum, both in Pasadena. Plus, then you’re near the Fair Oaks Pharmacy & Soda Fountain.

  6. If you opt for Disney Hall, DON’T take the tour. You’re better off spending the extra few bucks on actual concert tix as the tour doesn’t go into the actual hall, which is the BEST part!

    The cheapest seats, those behind the musicians, are the best for appreciating the architecture and you really get to be close to the orchestra. I like Casual Fridays and the Sunday Samplers… great way to pass the time for under $20.

  7. Cybele:

    Does dad have any particular hobbies or interests?

    I often get rave reviews from those I send to The Nethercutt Collection, and regardless of one’s political affiliation, The Ronald Reagan Presidential Museum in Simi Valley (which now includes an impressive Air Force One on display) also earns very high marks and requests for repeat visits.

    Then again, absolutely everybody carries on for year’s whenever I take them to have a simple lunch at the Police Academy, followed by a trip to the Coroner’s Office… gift shop that is! Yes, they are both open to the public.

    Please have safe and memorable time with your Dad!

    Respectfully Yours in Safety and Service,

    Brian Humphrey
    Public Service Officer
    Los Angeles Fire Department

  8. Hiking in the Santa Monica mountains is a good option if your Dad is up for it. Topanga Canyon State Park offers a particularly spectacular view of the Pacific all the way to Downtown on a clear day. There’s also a hike with a waterfall (I forgot the name), Paseo Miramar offers another great view of the ocean, and a bunch of other ones all along PCH towards Malibu.

  9. For a couple off beat things to do (besides those listed above):

    Architecture: take a tour of Heritage Square Victorian home collection.

    Views/outdoors/Hiking: O’Melveny Park in Granada Hills – you’ll never know you’re in LA in the second largest park in the City.

    Culture: Los Angeles Japanese Garden in the Sepulveda Basin

    Museums: Flight Path Museum at LAX

    For more uniquely LA things to do with visitors, just check out 225 ways to Celebrate the City.

  10. I second Venice. A little drum circle, then dinner at James Beach (fresh baked cookies for dessert).

    Maybe Korean BBQ at Soot bul Jeep then drinking at Tiki Ti?

    And hell, for tourists, brunch or early dinner at the Grove (don’t be so effin’ jaded – people are stoked to see celebs)

  11. Don’t forget to reference the LA City Nerd’s 225 ways to celebrate LA’s birthday…

    Some personal suggestions:

    The Greek Festival is this weekend.

    And if in downtown by the Disney, explore in and around the Our City of Angeles Cathedral (don’t miss the underground crypt!).

  12. The Saturday morning downtown walking tours offered by the L.A. Conservancy are great, especially the tour of the old movie palaces on Broadway.

    Also, the Museum of Neon Art is cool. It sometimes offers Sat. night tours of vintage neon signs in the area.

  13. Markland took my Greek Festival suggestion. Tom C. took my other suggestions. All in all, you’ve got some great ideas to run with, you should be fully booked the entire weekend.

  14. Okay! I emailed off a list of the top contenders (and I even went through LA City Nerds list – I found that I’ve already done lots on the list which makes me feel like I actually belong here).

    We’ll see what he thinks of any of the stuff and of course I’ll report back next week on what we ended up doing.

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