The Black Pearl Drops Anchor in Redondo Beach?

According to Ain’t It Cool, The Black Pearl herself, dread scourge of the seas and star of Disney’s blockbuster soon-to-be-trilogy Pirates of the Caribbean, has been mooring in Redondo Beach. Or possibly San Pedro. I’m not very familiar with either of them. Has anybody seen the fabled black sails and lived to tell the tale?

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  1. it was in San Pedro to get work done on it, then in Redondo, right behind Joe’s Crab Shack, for a week. as the article stated, they’d take it out to off the coast of PV for filming. there were tents and trailers set up in a parking lot and people could observe the actors and extras in costume coming and going and even get autographs.
    now the ship is back in San Pedro. I had gone to see it when a few times when it was in Redondo and also went up to PV to observe (from afar) the filming they were doing off the coast. I and others have uploaded various pics to flickr, some of which are excellent.
    I haven’t gone to San Pedro to take a look, but what I’ve read is that you can’t get too close to the ship or get a good view unless you go to Cabrillo Beach.

  2. I had biked down to Redondo to hang with a friend last week. He mentioned that they were filming Pirates 3. Told me that a friend’s dad, whilst enjoying his retirement walking around the vicinity, just went up and introduced himself to Johnny Depp. On the way back I paid more attention and I spotted more movie trucks and trailers in the parking lot than I have ever seen in one place.

    I think.

    Anyways, looking forward to the golden age when I just don’t give a fuck anymore. And I can say, “Johnny….. Burt. Nice to meetcha.”

  3. It’s in both. Right now it’s in San Pedro, at the old boat repair dock at the end of Whaler’s Walk. I can see it from my office. The best view of it would be either from the old gun emplacement/senic overlook on Gaffey Street below Angels Gate Park (I think they have one of those quarter fed telescopes there) or from the end of the pier at Cabrillo Beach. I think summer paarking fees might still be in effect at the beach, but it’s not busy, and you could probably park right outside the gates for free.

    They were filming both of the earlier movies at the old Marineland site, but I’m not sure if they’re using it for the third movie or not.

  4. I got some great views and a few “gray shots in the fog” of the Pearl from my son’s on base housing at the Pacific Heights AF Base. The ship only came out during the early morning hours and on one morn they put on quite a show with the wold be cannon fire!

  5. I am creating a scrap book for my granddaughter that is 13 and lives in Ozark, MO. would like to have any pictures of the Black Pearl or people in it that anyone would be willing to share. I have some pictures if anyone would like to have them.

    Thank you
    [email protected]

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