Sweatin’ Bullets (9/6/06): Narcicistic Ballers and more

hollywoodfame.jpg “Homeless men bathing in the bathroom. Librarians threatened. Flashers at story time.” See what you’re missing by not going to a local library? The Daily News writes about transients abusing their library privileges. Joel at LA’s Homeless Blog asks, “Should Public Libraries Be Off-Limits To Homeless People?”

Los Angeles is about to have yet another basketball team. Nick Lachey along with a number of other B-List stars and former athletes have put the dollars together for “The Hollywood Fame”, the newest franchise in the “American Basketball Association, an old-school-flavored pro league that operates a couple of notches below the NBA.” (from Yahoo! News) Tryouts were held last week, and according to their site the team “will hit the court this November with a mixture of top athletes as well as famous celebrities, all of whom are well-respected players. These players will not only bring top-level skill, drive, and energy back to the courts of Los Angeles.” (emphasis mine)

City Council President Eric Garcetti is back after two weeks of Naval intelligence training in Florida:

Staying in barracks on the historic and beautiful Pensacola Naval Air Station, we tested ourselves against a rigorous academic, athletic, and leadership training regime. We started most of our days at 4:30 in the morning and we worked into the evening. We were inspected, graded, drilled, and inspired by our instructors, who let us go with a solemn and moving graduation ceremony that recognized that during our two weeks of training, two dozen young people had lost their lives serving in the Armed Forces.

Daisy Eagan writes “Why I Will NEVER go to The Roosevelt Again” at her MySpace blog, detailing a long list of reasons including $8 cans of Bud Light, a mandatory tip added to their bill even with a party smaller than six people, a waitress who explained she was being burdened by a request for water, and a cashier asking a customer to choose their credit card from a stack left by others with an open tab (the customer took someone else’s).

A USC study led by Dr. Drew Pinsky has found that celebrities are narcissistic, reality TV stars especially so (from the Daily Breeze) WTF? No mention of bloggers?

2 thoughts on “Sweatin’ Bullets (9/6/06): Narcicistic Ballers and more”

  1. I wrote about the Hollywood Fame just the other day. Doesn’t this seem like the most random group of “celebrities” ever assembled?

    And to call this a pro league a couple notches below the NBA is a joke. Most of the teams would struggle to beat Division II NCAA teams on a good night, despite the smattering of sad NBA players goofing off.

    And some of the crap that the owners of the league have pulled borders on fraud. I have seen YMCA leagues run better than the ABA. I wouldn’t get used to the Hollywood Fame, if history is any indication, they will be lucky to even play a game.

  2. On your nugget about the homeless vs. the library, I’m torn. I don’t want to deny them use of the place but at the same time when they crash out snoring in the comfy chairs on the bridge in the fiction section of the central library and basically take over its bathrooms my patience gets taxed.

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