Culture Does Come Cheap In L.A.

One of the most surprising things to me about Los Angeles is that there are so many cultural events that are inexpensive, or even free. Discussions, debates and readings from some of the greatest minds, art galleries and museum exhibitions, and more styles of music than I even knew existed. If you’re having trouble finding any of these things, The Free For All is out for September, and lists the best of the free events around the city for the next 24 days. Combine that with the Experience LA calendar, and the more grassroots EyeSpyLA and there’s a lot out there. For a city that is so perceived as being less cultured, Los Angeles certainly has more than it’s given credit for.

EDIT: I just realized that some of this might be helpful to Cybele in planning something to do with the parents. My parents certainly like to think that I am benefiting from living in a cultural capital. Parents love culture!

3 thoughts on “Culture Does Come Cheap In L.A.”

  1. The Experience LA Calendar is great, it helped me plan many of my activities when I decided to do something new every day last month. Here’s my list (now outdated and not all cultural): Top Ten Free LA Summertime Activities. The Free For All article has much cooler ideas, I’ll definitely be checking out the Abbot Kinney Festival and Museum Day.

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