Axis Axed

Last November I posted in disgust then-and-now pix of Union Station showing the as-yet-completed residential complex being built on the southeast corner of Alameda and Cesar Chavez basically blotting out the view of one of my favorite architectural and historical structures.

Dubbed Axis At Union Station, its 272 units went up for sale this year in the sphincter puckering $600,000 range, and according to today’s L.A. Times article by Annette Haddad only a few unclenched enough to buy in. Only 41 sold until June when sales were suspended and buyers were told they’d receive their deposits back.

The article attributes the stagnant sales to the combination of a softening real estate market and an alleged downtown-wide glut of condos, but from my ignorant layman’s and decidedly biased perspective I think the fact that the place just sucks had something to do with it as well.

But it’s here to stay, only now for longer-term transient living. Now the landmark obstructor is back to its builder’s original intent as an apartment complex (whose floorplans measure between 664 to 1,460 sqaure feet, with the best going at $3,000 per month). They’ve even changed its name from Axis to Mozaic. Yes, with a “z.”

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