Somebody Set Us Up The VOD. Please?!

The best show on television started airing yesterday. Sort of. Kinda. As in not at all.

The show in question is HBO’s The Wire. It makes the Sopranos look like Dynasty, Six Feet Under look like the Cosby Show, and Entourage look like Three’s Company.

All of their advertising — if you can find it — is trumpeting the premiere of Season 4 next Sunday. But for those lucky HBO On Demand subscribers, it’s watchable almost a week early – starting Monday, September 4.

As in yesterday.

Wouldya believe not quite.

HBO blames the local providers. Well since it’s happening all over the country, including New York and Washington DC, that’s a heck of a lot of local providers to screw up all at the same time.

Locally, our fine friends at Adelphia Time Warner Cable are absolutely clueless. The rep I just talked to said that they weren’t supposed to have it until next week.

Hey, doesn’t Time Warner own HBO?

I’ve been known to work a bit in the VOD arena, and it reminds me of the old William Goldman maxim about Hollywood – “Nobody knows anything.”

So is this a collosal ID-ten-T error? Or are the VOD tubes all clogged up too?

HBO doesn’t support The Wire with the marketing dollars they give to other shows. They say its because it doesn’t pull enough ratings. With support like this, it’s no wonder why.

Miscellaneous Wire-Fu:
Seasons 1-3 on a massive DVD set.

I want a wall poster of the cover of the season three DVD set. Anybody see one?

The great Wendell Pierce, who plays Bunk on the show, is currently in Fences at the Pasadena Playhouse, along with some people named Fishburne and Bassett.

And Frankie Faison, the show’s Commissioner Burrell, played the Devil in a short film of mine which I finally have up on my site: Orson Welles Sells His Soul To The Devil

Any other Wire-heads out there? Are you ready for another trip Way Down In The Hole?

6 thoughts on “Somebody Set Us Up The VOD. Please?!”

  1. i am so pumped about the wire. SUCH a great show. i don’t know anyone who has seen it and not fallen in love completely.

  2. Best show on TV, hands down. On a personal note: one of the guys who created the show (Ed Burns) is a former narcotics detective from Baltimore. I grew up in Baltimore and was best friends with his son, and Ed ended up giving me a ride to school every day. He had some pretty cool stories back then. It’s nice to see the whole world (well, okay, the smallest of audiences) has a chance to hear them as well.

  3. For some reason, I also can’t get into The Wire. Rented the DVDs, and my interest in it wasn’t consistent enough to keep going.
    Maybe this is how some feel about my favorite, Deadwood, or even Big Love…

  4. The Wire requires patience and concentration, no doubt. This isn’t escapist drivel. But it is without question the finest television show ever made. Once you take the time to watch a handful of episodes, getting to know the characters and learning to follow the story, you will fall in love due to this show’s incredible acting, flawless writing and heartbreaking cinematography. I am absolutely in awe of David Simon (and in love with Wood Harris).

  5. The Wire is the best show on TV hands down. I watched Season 3’s replay during the weeks leading up to Season 4, and was able to learn new things about the story from repeated viewing. And that is what makes the show so great, is that you can take something new away from it after watching it again.

    This season is centered around the educational system in inner city schools and how it fails the community it serves. I don’t get On Demand, so I cannot wait for this Sunday.

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