Off the QT… (more Black Dahlia updates)

Dahlia expert Larry Harnisch has discovered what appears to be a copies of “Black Dahlia Avenger” signed by writer Steve Hodel to James Ellroy available on eBay. Larry’s posted his findings at both the 1947Project site and his own personal blog. LA Observed also mentions the the eBay auction, but doesn’t say if they happened to find it on their own (in which case they must be as obsessed by the Black Dahlia as Larry), or if they were tipped off by someone… either way, I’m unsure if the signed books are fakes, or if Ellroy gave away personally inscribed books by a self described “blood brother”.

A few seats are still left for The 1947Project’s “The Real Black Dahlia” Crime Bus to be held Sept. 16th and the 17th. This is an unique tour for Dahlia enthusiasts, as hosts Nathan Marsak and Kim Cooper have a wealth of knowledge on not only the investigation into Elizabeth Short’s death, but also unique bits of other morbid LA history. They’ll likely also share a theory into who killed the Black Dahlia that is more convincing, albeit practical, than any other.

EatingLA reported last week that Scoops Gelato was creating a special Black Dahlia flavor to commemorate the film release… now Kim Cooper brings the news that Tai Kim, owner of scoops, has created TWELVE new flavors inspired by the morbid death of Elizabeth Short.

Short joins the ranks of celebrated people with foods named for them, like opera star Nellie Melba (Peach Melba), chef Alfredo de Lelio (Fettucine Alfredo), Brown Derby owner Robert Cobb (Cobb Salad), Jerry Garcia (Ben & Jerry’s Cherry Garcia) and Napoleon Bonaparte (Napoleon pastries).

The special flavors will only be available on Saturday and Sunday, Sept. 16th and 17th, Friday, Sept. 15th and Sat. the 16th to the general public, and exclusively to Crime Bus riders on Sunday – the Crime Bus will find that Scoops is a featured stop on the tour…

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  1. There’s a bar in the Biltmore downtown (I believe the last place Elizabeth Short was seen alive) that sells a Black Dahlia concoction (and for double digit dollars!). Now there’s going to be, what… Elizabeth Strawberry Shortcake ice cream at Scoops? Shameful.

  2. >>’m unsure if the signed books are fakes, or if Ellroy gave away personally inscribed books by a self described “blood brother”.

    You can ask him yourself. He’s appearing at Skylight books for a reading on Sunday.

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