Gifting LA

A friend of mine who recently returned from Burning Man had an interesting experience today. If you’re not familiar with Burning Man, participants practice gifting, which is basically giving away various things. Today, back in the big city, the gifting continued.

I ordered Thai food a while ago and was begining to wonder why it hadn’t arrived yet. Well a friendly woman in a pretty summer dress just knocked on my door with my Thai food and told me it had been delivered to her place by mistake. Her assistant had paid for it and when they learned that no one there had ordered it she just walked it on over to me (apparently the address was still correct on the receipt).

I love that the person who recieved the misdelivered food went to the trouble to bring it to my friend. LA is not as harsh as you might expect.

One thought on “Gifting LA”

  1. Yo! I just got back from Burning Man myself and had an equally ennobling Thai food experience. My friend and I ordered food last night and it came sans one Thai Iced Tea. We were sad, but willing to accept the loss.
    But, our friendly deliverly guy drove all the way back to the restaurant and returned to us with TWO MORE thai iced teas just because he felt bad.
    This Burning Man glow really gets things done!

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