BRRRAAAAAAIIIIIINS! (Zombie Walk Is Coming!)

zombiewalk2.gifThere is finally a zombie walk coming to Los Angeles! Soon, the undead shall drag themselves down the streets of Hollywood! And by “soon”, I mean “Saturday, October 7th at 6pm”.

I’ve heard of these walks before, of course. There was one two weeks ago in Vancouver. Toronto is celebrating its fourth anniversary zombie walk. Hey, Canadians love the zombies – after all, goth electro/rock artist Zombie Girl is Canadian too. But now, zombie walks are becoming more common in the States, with multiple walks being planned and discussed on the site.

What can you do for this? If you’re not walking, then I recommend Max Brooks’ Zombie Survival Guide, which I bought my roomate for Christmas, and which inspired him to set up medieval style defense systems on our building roof. If you are joining the flash mob of zombies, then the Los Angeles Zombie Apocalypse community is a good place to get more information about the event. So is the Zombie Walk forum for California And re-watching the original Night of the Living Dead probably wouldn’t hurt you, either.

Oh, and remember, according to this episode of the Simpsons, they prefer to be called the “living impaired.”

5 thoughts on “BRRRAAAAAAIIIIIINS! (Zombie Walk Is Coming!)”

  1. Coincidentally enough I watched Romero’s “Land of the Dead” last night. It’s a great primer on how to defend against zombies who have now evolved the intelligence not only for basic z-2-z communication (Raaaahhh!) but also how to use basic tools like meat cleavers and automatic weapons and jackhammers and gasoline and fire and baseball bats and crap. Bottom line of course is it all comes down to not getting bit, but to assist in that endeavor it’s good to have a heavily armored rocket launching badass urban assault vehicle. Simon Baker optional.

    As a learning tool I highly recommend it.

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