13 thoughts on “A Pictorial Interlude”

  1. David, I suppose anything’s possible in the age of Photoshop, but this is a very plausible image looking south along Sepulveda from a little north of where Lincoln comes in from the west. There’s an In’N’Out right there in the triangle north of the intersection, and the planes land right across Sepulveda onto LAX runway 24L. I love it when I am driving on Sepulveda with the top down and a 747 blows over my head about 100 feet up, it’s truly magic.

  2. The photo isn’t fake. I was there with the photographer, and I took my own photos of planes flying over and beside the sign. It’s a really fun place to shoot. And he got a really awesome photo out of it.

  3. I didn’t think it was fake at all – a bit surreal, but that’s why I liked it so much. I’ve been down in that area before (tho not to that In-n-Out) and watched the planes in some very strange juxtapositions.

    Tom – Long Beach doesn’t have runways long enough for 747s.

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