LA is country’s 11th most wired city.

Forbes has dropped their Most Wired Cities list and guess who rolls in at #11. That’s right, it’s Los Angeles. Now clearly this list was made without coming and looking at my room, cause it is WIRED, but I’ll let that fact go. Apparently the judges used three main criteria to decide who was more wired than who, broadband adoption, access options and wifi hotspots. We smacked some people around with Los Angeles’ #5 ranking broadband adoption. Our access options slipped a bit only pulling in at #15 and LA wifi was not representing, bringing us in at a measly #30. You can check the article for more info and cities and what not. Or you can go outside! It’s Labor Day! Stop reading about the internet on the internet and go cook some things. On grills. Outside.

4 thoughts on “LA is country’s 11th most wired city.”

  1. Do the criteria strike anybody else as being a bit odd? Broadband adoption rates I get, but number of service providers? Does a city get less wired as its ISPs merge? And while I will grant that wireless hotspots indicate some sense of connectivity, they almost certainly make a city less “wired”, not more. That’s why they’re called “wireless”.

    And honestly, if they’re going to let Atlanta win by only counting the strict city limits which contain virtually no residential areas, it’s tough to see how Hanover, NH doesn’t run away with things as it contains Dartmouth College and almost nothing else.

  2. crap. uh. . .i was. . .giving the apostrophe a break? It WAS Labor Day after all?

    Okay, fine, maybe not. Anyway, thanks for the correction, it is fixed now!

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