It’s Freakin’ Orbtastic!

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This weekend we’re all doing our part to hydrate our way through the legally
mandated barbecues and picnics, and as usual Gelson’s is on the cutting edge of new and better products.

This time it seems Arowhead’s eggheads have been doubting our ability to use, enjoy, or perhaps merely maintain interest in the old fashioned water delivery system (aka a bottle), because they’ve got Gelson’s whipped into an end-cap frenzy featuring these babies right now.

Were we looking for a less phallic water bottle? I guess at least one person
at Arrowhead thinks so. Orbtastic or no, in addition to looking retarded and probably hard to hold, these AQUAPOD bottles are also stupidly small, holding far less than your average tallboy.

Seen anyone drinking from one?

5 thoughts on “It’s Freakin’ Orbtastic!”

  1. Of course, yes, children. I seem to remember hearing of those things somewhere, right? I must have.

  2. They’ve actually been marketing these heavily to children. There are lots of commercials for them during Saturday morning cartoons.

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