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On the June 12th episode of The Howard Stern Show, while Christa Miller was on the phone on Mandy Moore‘s behalf to address Moore’s relationship with Wilmer Valderrama, Artie Lange (previously mentioned here and here) talked about his intervention on the set of MadTV in Hollywood.

In relating this story, Lange mentioned that he’d go to his MadTV co-star Nicole Sullivan‘s house (where Miller was her roommate) in the Hollywood Hills to do cocaine since his then-roommate Orlando Jones wouldn’t allow it at their residence:

Look, Nicole and me, the last night before I got arrested, I go there… and at 4 AM, negotiating those Hollywood Hills streets, on coke, I was like, “Holy Christ!” I almost ran off the cliff a bunch of times. I found the house… me and Nicole had to be on the MadTV set at 9 AM. We were both in the same sketch, and we both had the same rehersal time. And Christa probably had a real early call-time too. So when I knocked, Christa had to answer to let me into Nicole’s part of the house. And God, I felt so bad. She said, ‘It is– I have to be at work tomorrow at 9! I have to do a TV show!’ And I said “Christa, I’m so sorry, just let me into the living room area there.” … And then I found a bottle of Jack and then I raided the CDs. And I put Janis Joplin on, and I was just fuckin’ sitting there, doing a line, and then a shot, a line, a shot. … You had to go to rehearsal whenever you were in a sketch… So because we were in the same sketch, I figured we’ll go to work together. …Harry Connick Jr. was the guest host of MadTV the week that I got thrown off. …9 AM rolled around. Nicole said, “Please let me drive.” I go, “No, fuck off! I’m driving.” So I took a bottle of Jack, I get in my car, and now I’m driving down Hollywood Hills roads, and Nicole’s in back of me. She calls the studios and says, “Listen, Artie is out of control! Just have the cops ready for him, whoever is going to take him to rehab.” That’s when they called my manager, who I [later] punched in the face, and ten William Morris agents [later] show up. And I fell asleep at the light at Crescent Heights and Sunset Blvds. And Nicole gets out of her car and knocks on my window, and she says, “Artie! Wake up, wake up, wake up!” And before the cops came back out, I was like, ‘What?’ So I swerve to MadTV, I somehow got in my spot. Nicole followed me in. And as soon as I got in, it was like an ambush. I was going to rehearsal, I walked by Harry Connick, and I called him a fruit under my breath… A bunch of the stage managers who I became so friendly with were looking at me in a really sad way. I saw my manager, I saw the agents, and I saw two cops. I fuckin’ turned around, and I bolted. And that’s when I started hoppin’ fences through Hollywood. MadTV was on Cahuenga and Melrose. I went through pools and shit to get away from the cops. And they caught me at the supermarket, Pavillions, on Sunset and Vine. My manager came up to me, I just decked him. I gave him an old-fashioned Jersey fuckin’ suckerpunch. And then I picked up oranges, [and] were throwing ’em at them in the Pavillions. The Pavillions security got me…

Audio here (4:39.51, 818.87k).

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According to Wikipedia:

Lange admitted during interviews on The Howard Stern Show that he did the dumbest thing a person can do: he “took a swing at a cop”. And missed. After being apprehended by the police, Lange was charged with possession of cocaine, assaulting an officer, and possessing an open alcoholic container in his car, amongst other charges.

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  1. Yeah, and the guy still isn’t sober. He may be off the coke but he’s a wetbrain drunk.

    And why does this jackass merit mention here?

  2. if only he had the ability to write or make great music, he’d be considered a ‘tortured soul’ instead of just a deadbeat.

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