If I Seem a Little Grouchy

The house across the street is being gutted and rehabbed. It started in the spring, I think the end of March. It needed a lot of work, from the foundation to the roof and everything in between. This has been going on for at least five months and I’m hoping they’ll be done soon. I’ve blogged about this before because they show up on Saturday mornings well before 8 AM (which is when the ordinances say that they can begin work in a residential area). Some Saturdays they show up as early as 6:30 and proceed to do the noisiest things.

This morning it was throwing drywall off of the second story balcony into a pile below (this work was being performed by a child of perhaps 12, today must be bring your child to work day and make him earn his keep). I went over and told them to stop. After some grumbly protests, they said they would. Then they started up again at about ten minutes til eight. I went back over and the crew leader protested that it was “almost eight.”

Fine … I’m fed up with this. I ask every week (not all weeks, there have been three or four quiet ones) for them to not work before 8AM and if they didn’t make so much noise they would probably get away with it.

I called the police. I’m in Northeast Division and I talked to the Desk Sgt. He was nice enough but tried to impress upon me that when they started earlier they were getting more work done and would be done sooner. That’s a nice idea and I would probably subscribe to it if I thought two days would make that big of a difference in the whole six month scheme of things. He said there’s nothing they can do after 8 AM, so I should have called earlier. He suggested calling the police on Friday morning and if they’re not busy they’ll come over and talk to the crew leader about the following Saturday.

I really don’t want to be a bitch. But as The Man said, “You’re pissed off, there’s a difference.” I just want to sleep until 8 AM on Saturdays, is that so much to ask for?

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  1. The police won’t get involved, at least LAPD won’t as they have bigger battles to worry about.

    I am nearly done with a pain in the ass remodel of my own. Before we started I talked with all my neighbors to make sure they knew and to find out what I could do to make it easy on them. Even though it has added weeks to my project the overwhelming thing was no weekend work and I told my contractors this. No problems with my neighbors as a result.

    Who owns the property? Their name would be on the building permits that are posted on the property. Try talking to them.

    If the owners don’t want to help here’s a sure fire way to get your problem over with. However, you will never be on friendly terms with that new neighbor again. (Then again if you have to go that far is that someone you even want in your social circle?)

    Go to the building department, usually code enforcement. Tell them what is going on and ask them and the inspector to get involved. They can shut down the entire job for non-compliance. The threat alone is usually enough to get it into compliance.

  2. You can also ask your Senior Lead Officer (SLO) to come over on the Friday to talk to the foreman. When you call Northeast Division again, ask for the Senior Lead Office and tell whoever answers the phone where you live. The SLO assigned to your Basic Car should respond to your request – that’s their job: to resolve community issues before they become major issues or crimes. Northeast also has a special program called a “Problem Solving Unit” (which does basically what I mentioned about the SLOs) that can help, too.

  3. Yes, it IS too much to ask. The 08h00 was arbitrary. Daybreak would have been more natural and real. I slept through guys downstairs knocking a door through a 15cm brick wall for my mother when I was working nights at Cadburys. I woke for a few seconds when a big lump fell out all in a piece. You are a whingeing Pom, sir. cyquick.wordpress.com

  4. Here’s to hoping they don’t decide to work on Labor day … thanks for everyone’s suggestions. I know that this against the ordinances to work before 8 on Saturdays and I keep telling them that every week, but they don’t give a flying fig. Probably because all I do is go out and yell at them and they creep around for then next 45 minutes. I know I’m probably making enemies with my soon-to-be-neighbors.

    I’d like to think that my much smaller kitchen remodel project didn’t disturb the neighbors too much (I was livin’ there, I wouldn’t let them work before 8 on WEEKDAYS). But I know when you’re not occupying the place during renovations, they probably don’t know what’s going on at the site.

  5. I have a ton of empathy for you cybele–we’ve been living with a condo construction project right outside our bedroom and kitchen window (literally, 5 feet away) for over a year. They don’t start earlier than 8 on the weekends, but on weekdays, they are always traipsing around, yelling, etc well before 7. Plus, keeping up with the dust is a nightmare.

  6. Some people are bothered more by noise than others. I feel for you! Dense communities pay a price for the good side of community. Are we there yet? ;-)

  7. I live in Downtown Los Angeles at 950 S Flower ST. They are doing construction in 3 locations right next to me. They start before 7 AM every morning. The police most definitely will get involved. Keep calling them. If you keep calling call 5 times in a row if you have to . They are breaking a law and its disturbing the peace. If it bothers us bad enough to write about it , then it is an issue as far as im concerned. The thing that bother me the most is those damn backup warning beepers. I wake up to them daily at around 6 am. This is rediculous. I plan on calling the police daily from now on until they enforce the law and fine these jerks. Hell last night they didnt even turn off one of the vehicles and it was beeping until 11:12 pm when after most of the building had called the police they had to climb the fence and turn off the back up beeper.

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