Hello Stranger @ Safari Sam’s…


On August 12th, the L.A.-based Hello Stranger (fka Vagenius, MySpace), mentioned previously here, here, and here, threw a record release party at Safari Sam’s. The other artists on the bill included The Overnight Lows (MySpace), Los Super Elegantes (MySpace), and The New Fidelity (MySpace).


After playing a quiet solo version of “Kubrick Eyes,” Hello Stranger’s lead singer Juliette Commagere armed herself with her keytar, screamed “Are you motherfuckers ready to rock?!” into the mic, and with her band, ripped through an energetic 11 song set that that whipped the crowd into a frenzy, concluding with a cover of AC/DC’s “Thunderstruck.” The show also featured the hometown debut of Hello Stranger’s new bass player, Ben Messelbeck (from Mighty Six Ninety), replacing Juliette’s younger brother Robert Francis who left the band to pursue a solo career. But that didn’t stop Francis from attending the show and marveling in amazement that it was the best Hello Stranger show he’s seen yet.

They’ve since travelled up and down the West Coast, and this past Thursday, they returned to Southern California, opening for Gram Rabbit (MySpace) and The 88 (MySpace) at The Detroit Bar in Costa Mesa. Saturday night, Hello Stranger will be performing at The Beauty Bar in Las Vegas, and in November they’ll be back in the Southland.

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In the meantime, Commagere has blogged extensively about the tour:

I realized tour is all about survival–which I like because it makes life very simple. All you are trying to figure out is how you will eat, where you will sleep, and who will try and get more free beers out of the bartender. You wear the same thing everyday, and once in a while you get to shower. … So we drove South and found a hotel in Turlock. That night I dreamt that a large large lady kept coming in the room and checking my bed and my person for drugs and then she lay down on top of me crushing and suffocating me, and whispered into my ear “don’t tell her she’s going to die”, and I woke up gasping for air and feverish and shaking. After that I dreamt that L.A was under seige and we had to escape or we would die, and then I dreamt about tidal waves. Hmmmmm…maybe this whole drive all day, play a show, get so drunk that you pass out thing and then do it all over again is taking a bit of a toll on my small body.

More photos from the Hello Stranger’s Safari Sam’s show here.