Fuck The Back Row! @ Cinespace…


On August 3rd, “Fuck The Back Row! A Night of Short Films and Dadaist Vaudeville” (mentioned previously here) took place at Cinespace.


Hosted by the L.A.-based Prince Poppycock, the event featured a screening of short films as well as performances by Kitty Diggins (MySpace), Mr. Uncertain (MySpace), and Amanda Palmer from The Dresden Dolls (MySpace) with her Dolls partner Brian Viglione on guitar and drums.

The short films varied from live action to various forms of animation. And of course, The Dresden Dolls’ music videos (“Girl Anachronism,” “Coin-Operated Boy,” and “Sing”) and a Dresden Dolls music video parody drew the expected level of applause, but it was a series of shorts from Titler that stole the show.

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This review described Titler best: “[He] sports the notorious Hitler mustache and bangs but has a penchant for wearing tasteful black evening gowns and very un-PC fur stoles, both accented with well-worn combat boots. ‘He re-imagines light-hearted Broadway show tunes and turns them into erotic odes to homosexuality, through a series of off-beat songs whose lyrics shed some light on his demented psyche.'” And according to Palmer at the show, “Titler came to the shows in Boston and New York and actually played piano…” and “…they were made as MTV bumpers… I guess there was this sort of concept, that… MTV was like, ‘Sure, Titler, Hitler in a dress!’ And then… they got them and were like, ‘There’s no fucking way we’re putting this on the air!’ So there was our friend Titler with these unusable bumpers, but they have found a home on our silver screen!'”


As for Palmer’s set, she performed some original compositions (“The Point of It All” and “Night Reconnaissance”) as well as a few songs from the soundtracks to The Rocky Horror Picture Show (“Science Fiction Double Feature”), Trainspotting (Lou Reed’s “A Perfect Day”), Cabaret (“I Don’t Care Much”), and The Sound of Music (“My Favorite Things”), as well as covers to the Bright Eyes (“Lua”), Pink Floyd (“Mother”), and Radiohead (“Exit Music”), and even The Louvin Brothers’ “Satan is Real.” She talked with relief about the end of their tour, opening for Panic! At The Disco (MySpace), and how they “…didn’t go over quite so well with the 13-15 year-olds.”

Palmer also mentioned that since “…we’re in the city of films, as it were, if you guys know any filmmakers or if you are a filmmaker, we’re going to try and do this again next year. So you should send us all of your films, or if you know anybody who makes short films [that] you think should be up on the screen, you should send it to us.”


Meanwhile, The Dresden Dolls return to Southern California on October 10th with a performance at The Orpheum Theatre in Downtown L.A.

More photos from the show here.