Do You Believe In Spooks?

logo-ghostbusters.jpgI do not believe in ghosts. I believe in a lot of things, and I believe that there are more strange things in this world than meets the eye – but I do not believe in spooks.

However, if I did – I would probably be very excited at the e-mail I just received from Ghost Expeditions, who would like to announce that they are back in L.A. The tour face of the International Society for Paranormal Research (ISPR) are giving ghost-hunting tours of a “historic building in Little Tokyo”.

Now, as I said, I am skeptical of ghosts. I am also a bit skeptical that the Ghost Expeditions website features a link to Gray Line of New Orleans, and that the email I received extolls the tour as a popular prize for game show winners (Wheel of Fortune and Price is Right are mentioned). But if you believe, $75 might not be too high a price to experience true belief in the supernatural, and go see ghosts in person (so to speak) in downtown L.A.

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  1. Hi Jillian:

    I just saw your post as it came in through a google alert – thank-you for posting this information (even as a skeptic – lol).

    I did want to tell you, that Ghost Expeditions are not tours. It was the very first organized paranormal field investigation, or paranormal boot camp if you will (as psychic exercises are part of the experience, modeled after the ISPR investigative team over the decades). It is 100% participatory, no spectators…everyone works, even skeptics that get dragged along to participate by an eager boyfriend/girlfriend or spouse.

    Unfortunately, GEs were never grand prizes on The Price is Right, but yes to Wheel of Fortune, Jeopardy! and Hollywood Squares. In fact, GEs sponsored the foreign release of the X-Files Movie with a huge sweepstakes and the winners were flown in from South Africa to participate in an Overnight Ghost Expedition at the previous GE site (1997 – 2001), the Vogue Theater on Hollywood Boulevard.

    I’m very excited to conduct the first GEs in September and October as this property we’re using in Little Tokyo dates back to 1882 and has already proven to be very active. Like the Vogue and all the properties GEs have used in New Orleans, I will not be surprised when we have many people whose clairvoyant abilities come to forefront during the GE and will be able to provide information from a psi perspective of not only, who it is ‘haunting’ the property, but information about the building’s amazing past.

    And of course…there’s the equipment that participants will be using…but it’s the same as you see on television, so no need probably to go into any big explanation.

    BTW – the link to Gray Line of New Orleans will be removed shortly – the Ghost Expeditions site has not changed since Hurricane Katrina stopped GE operations. And Gray Line only sold tickets and provided the transportation – because Gray Line is a tour company. But they had nothing else to do with the GEs themselves.

    Thanks again Jillian and should you decide at any time to check it out (or those participating), you are welcome, as my guest. I’ll have some equipment waiting for you and will count on you for a critical eye and opinion on the performance of the participants!


    Daena Smoller
    ISPR / ISPR Ghost Expeditions

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