CA Assembly shoots down stupid gun bill

Last year I wrote about an incredibly stupid gun law that was about to pass in CA. This bill, called AB 352 was introduced by West Hollywood’s Assemblymember Paul Koretz and was easily one of the stupidest proposals I’d ever read. In the last year it’s been edited, revised, and passed up the chain until it was finally rejected by the Assembly this week. The Monterey Herald has the wire story:


“The Assembly also rejected legislation by Assemblyman Paul Koretz, D-West Hollywood, that was intended to help police solve shootings by creating a tracking system for bullets. The measure, AB352, would require new semiautomatic pistols sold in California after 2008 to stamp bullets with an identifying mark that would allow police to trace them. It got only 38 votes, three short of the bare majority it needed to move to the governor’s desk.”

Have folks in CA actually started thinking rather than just reacting to guns? Perhaps they have. I could spend far too much time discussing how stupid this law is, from the lack of LEO exemption (meaning it wouldn’t apply to cops), to the ease with which anyone wanting to foil the plan could pick up expended brass at any range and dirty the crime scene with ‘good guy’ marked brass sending officers on endless wild goose chases, to the fact that it does not apply to revolvers because they don’t eject the shell casings. More importantly is the fact that criminals obtain their firearms through illegal means, so adding restrictions to legally purchased guns will have no impact on criminal gun purchanses and something like this will create a whole new black market for weapons purchased in adjacent states so California will have even more illegal, unregistered firearms in the state. The point being, this bill would make law enforcement’s job harder, and only penalize law abiding citizens. I’m psyched that the assembly agreed with me on this one.

3 thoughts on “CA Assembly shoots down stupid gun bill”

  1. Great news, yes, but before we break our arms rushing to pat each other on the back, wouldn’t we like to find out the identities of the THIRTY EIGHT people voting for it? Had they convinced but three more numbskulls it would have passed.

  2. Some of your arguments against this bill don’t hold water. Are no gun crimes committed with legally purchased weapons? Are no gun crimes committed with weapons that eject shell casings? Are no gun crimes committed in the heat of the moment so that there’s no time to collect random casings to plant? Are none of those gun crimes unsolved? Wouldn’t the law help solve those kinds of cases?

    And your argument about the black market is particularly flawed. First you claim that criminals obtain their firearms illegaly. Then you say that there will be MORE illegal guns if this law goes into effect. If all criminals get their guns illegaly the law would in fact have no impact on the number of illegal weapons in the state. The only way it would is if some criminals DO obtain weapons legally now, in which case some criminals still would, and be caught by the law.

    The law certainly wouldn’t help catch every criminal who used a gun, but it would certainly catch some. Is that enough to once again erode our right to privacy (which includes the right to not have every single action you take be traceable)? THAT is the real reason to oppose this law.

  3. Actually Some Guy, none of that matters. While you are right, some of those crimes might happen as you suggest, making one crime easier to solve is not a good thing if the expense is that 5 other crimes are harder to solve. Certainly there is the posibility that a system like this might work in a very specific situation, but the greater chances are that it won’t and will just waste resources.

    As for you illegal gun argument, you are missing the point. Right now the majority of illegal guns in CA were stolen from people in CA. If a bill like this passed, then a new black market would be created importing guns from Arazona, Navada, Utah, etc where these laws didn’t exist NOT because they are somehow less traceable, but because they would be considerably cheaper. The same thing exisits right now with hicap magazines which are legal in the rest of the country but illegal here in CA. Sure there are illegal guns here now, but there would be more if this had gone throuhg. One illegal gun is not the same thing as two illegal guns.

    I’m with you on the privacy thing though, however unfortunately California isn’t the place you want to live if privacy is your main concern. Our elected politicians don’t seem to care much about it, and the majority of voters who keep electing them don’t either. And if you are a gun owner forget it.

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