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Two weeks ago, I had the chance to speak with newly-transplanted L.A. resident Trent Vanegas (MySpace), who runs the celebrity gossip-oriented Pink is the New Blog (previously mentioned here, here, here, and here), at The Echo.


For some reason, The Echo, let alone Echo Park, seemed to be the last place I’d meet a celebrity gossiper, but as it was, he was there to show his support for the L.A.-based The Oohlas (MySpace), as he is friends with lead singer Olivia Stone, who dedicated two songs to him while onstage.

And while Vanegas has his share of critics, I found him to be completely approachable, as well as open, honest, and humble, when talking about himself and PitNB.

I joked that he would be going the following day to Best Buy in West L.A. and/or Privilege in West Hollywood to see Paris Hilton promoting her new album, but he said he already had plans to see Snakes on a Plane with friends.

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Here are some highlights from my chat with Vanegas:


  • He had been contemplating moving from Detroit to L.A. for about four years, but it a combination of factors, including the breakup with his boyfriend, that made him realize that the timing was right for the move.
  • Friends from out-of-town had warned him that after the first month of living in L.A., that he’d start to dislike it, but he said that he hasn’t felt that sort of regret yet.
  • He started PitNB as a personal blog, that was mixed with celebrity gossip, for his friends and family, but as its popularity exploded, he moved that personal content to the bottom of each update.
  • He wakes up at 6:00 AM PT everyday and spends four to six hours collecting celebrity gossip and photographs so he can make his daily posts by 12:00 PM PT (keeping in mind the time difference and his readers on the East Coast).
  • He makes a “very good living” from the advertising revenue that PitNB generates.
  • People have a misconception that there is a rivalry between him and Mario Lavandeira, who runs Perez Hilton, but Vanegas wishes Lavandeira nothing but the best.
  • To this day, Vanegas still finds the experience of being recognized in public to be “very weird,” and mentioned being recognized earlier in the day in the elevator of the CNN building in Hollywood (he was there to film a segment on Showbiz Tonight about Tom Cruise).
  • Of all of the celebrities he’s met thus far (an impressive list to his readers that includes the aforementioned Hilton, Nicole Richie, Lindsay Lohan, Hilary Duff, Joel Madden, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Michelle Trachtenberg), Vanegas cites meeting Madonna as one of the biggest moments in his life.
  • Given his almost daily coverage of Spederline, he’s curious yet wary of what (to me) his inevitable first meeting with Britney Spears will be like.

Meanwhile, since then, Vanegas has been busy, interviewing Louise Post from Veruca Salt (MySpace), and travelling to New York to cover (here, here and here) the MTV Video Music Awards.

(Photos of Trent Vanegas courtesy of Vanegas.)

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  1. I suppose it’s nothing new (Louella Parsons, Rona Barrett Pat O’Brien, just about anyone on E!) but there’s a certain exasperation I feel when we celebretize those that dish.

    I dig those D&G shades though.

  2. I love trent’s blog! I’m so glad to see he’s getting some press as his blog is the funniest thing out there. Its just the mixture of funny, gossipy,newsy, and personal and he updates everyday which is also great. Thanks for the cool interview with him!

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