Sasha Grey Needs Your Help…


A 18 year-old L.A.-based pornstar named Sasha Grey needs your help:

When Im not fucking my young brains out on camera and in my personal life I like to hunt down hard to find, out of print or foreign release only DVDs, at the moment Ive been on a tragic expedition to find Three out print Criterion releases Salo , The Harder They Come and Sid and Nancy if anyone is privy to how I might obtain any of those films please let me know.

Out-of-print Criterion DVDs that are authentic (as opposed to imported bootlegs) can often command hundreds of dollars from cinemaphiles and collectors. Indeed, their Salo DVD has sold for upwards of $700.00, according to a friend of mine who’s a collector.

Checking recent eBay auctions:

  • Salo: $550.00 (used, sold August 18th from Illinois)
  • The Harder They Come: $51.38 (new & sealed, sold August 20th from Essex, U.K.)
  • Sid & Nancy: $152.50 (new & sealed, sold August 24th from North Carolina)

Ouch! Well, those of you who can help her out are more than welcome to do so.

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As if her knowledge of Criterion DVDs wasn’t enough, Grey’s eclectic list of favorite movies would make even the most cynical film school geek swoon in fanboy lust for the nubile newcomer to the adult industry and star of soon-to-be-classics such as House of Ass 3, In Thru The Back Door, and Belladonna: Fetish Fanatic 4, as well as the upcoming Fashionistas Safado: The Challenge and Fuck Slaves:

French new wave Godard , Italian Neo-Realism Antonioni, Dogme95 Von Trier, German New wave Herzog, American films of the 1970’s, the night porter, Night Jobs for men, really good documentaries, the pornography of Belladonna,John Stagliano, modern works of Gasper Noel, Catherine Breillat, Richard Linkletter,David Lynch, Gus van Sant, Steven Soderbergh,David Gordon Green, P.T. Anderson, dumb funny junk food movies (i’m not telling but you know what i mean) anything cinéma vérité

(Photo courtesy of Holly Randall and Sasha Grey.)

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  1. Salo…eep…Doesn’t everybody have a film where the director was assassinated because of a film they made in their collection?
    (I do, but I didn’t think it was worth 550 buckaroos).

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