‘It’s UCS For Me!’

This satirical video (Digg) about Universal Studios Hollywood and the Universal corporate umbrella, while a bit on the lengthy side, is a great way to kick off that Labor Day Weekend:

When Edgar Bronfman Jr gained ownership of Universal Studios he got into some odd marketing campaign practices.

One of which is this rare, employee orientation video, that enlightened people about how things were going to change under new management.

It was comissioned to be written and directed by Matt Stone and Trey Parker, and it was, and Jr. didn’t like it, so they scrapped it.

I’m leaving out the list of cameos, but trust me, they include several current and former A-listers.

UPDATE: Zap2it posted an interview with Trey Parker: “Parker said that he and Stone were paid by Universal Studios to create ‘Your Studio and You’ in 1996, shortly after the studio had been purchased by Seagrams. … At that time, Parker said, both he and Stone were complete Hollywood unknowns and were sleeping on the floor of a friend’s apartment. In fact, it would be a few months before most of the world would see the duo’s immensely popular cartoon ‘The Spirit of Christmas,’ which featured a fight to the death between Santa Claus and Jesus and ultimately led to the ‘South Park’ cartoon on Comedy Central and the movie ‘South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut.'”