“Idiocracy” Escapes

My dad likes to make the old joke, “That movie was so bad, it wasn’t released, it escaped.” Value judge-ments aside (pun intended – I am my father’s son after all), Mike Judge’s long-delayed “Idiocracy” is in limited release starting today. The suits at Fox have decided to use a cutting-edge release strategy that involve NO ADVERTISING. Seriously. It’s in limited release in a few cities, including L.A.

The best part is this – go to moviefone.com and look up Idiocracy. No hits. Not a sausage. You have to look up “Untitled Mike Judge Comedy.

I guess the folks at Fox have ditched the TPS Reports in favor of the WTF Reports.

Do I sense a b.la field trip? Everybody bring their red staplers.

4 thoughts on ““Idiocracy” Escapes”

  1. sweet!

    thanks for posting about this! I’m totally going to go see it this weekend with a posse of friends… I had no idea! :D

  2. I saw this, it deserves your support – very funny, and full of quotable little nuggets…

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