Apartment fire at Los Feliz and Hillhurst

You may be seeing black smoke in the sky around Los Feliz and Hillhurst. This is why:


I stumbled over the whole thing as I drove home from work and snapped a few photos with my, admittedly low-quality, phone. The apartment on the Northeast corner had at least one apartment that was fully involved and was spewing black smoke everywhere. I didn’t count fire trucks but there had to be close to two dozen LAFD vehicles on-scene. The fire was out of control when I walked away from it but it looked like the smoke had been knocked down by the time I drove around the block and got away from the whole mess. I can still hear fire trucks responding while I write this, a good 20 minutes or more after I drove away. This is one of those fires my firefighting father would refer to as “the big one.” I’m sure the LAFD blog will keep us apprised but for the moment, stay off Los Feliz Blvd and check out these photos.




There were a lot of folks out taking pictures, hopefully they’ll find themselves onto flickr or some such and we’ll see more soon.

5 thoughts on “Apartment fire at Los Feliz and Hillhurst”

  1. Ben:

    Great images and first hand account of the incident. This is *exactly* the kind of stuff I am encouraging in regards to citizen generated media (CGM) that will enrich and broaden the scope of our Department’s frightfully sophomoric blog.

    I have taken the liberty of posting one of your images at the LAFD Blog (with credit of course, to you and b/la)

    I hope you don’t mind. If there is a problem, please let me know.

    I’ve also included a link to ‘Orange’s’ excellent image gallery at Flickr. Just a reminder to the b/la crowd that we encourage photos or video that portrays our agency to be tagged ‘LAFD’ and or to be dropped into our Los Angeles Fire Department Photo Pool at Flickr.

    Respectfully Yours in Safety and Service,

    Brian Humphrey
    Public Service Officer
    Los Angeles Fire Department

  2. Yes, traffic was snarled at that intersection until about 8:15.I enjoyed the view from my seat outside Vinoteca, while I downed several glasses of Rose. On my way back up Vermont , I noticed all lights on and all residents back in at the Los Feliz Towers.Good thing it wasn’t a Greek Theatre night !!

  3. I like the part about “my admittedly low-quality phone.” That is so LA to apolgize for what you feel may be an inferior gadget. Those pix were great.

    I can’t decide whether to buy you a beer or give you a karate chop.

  4. hahaha, thanks. i always feel bad when i get caught without my “real” camera. after years or shooting “real” photos and the utterly amazing photos that the other blogging.la contributors throw down, i always feel like my phone is a little less than. . .regardless, i’ll take a beer AND a karate chop! thanks.

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