Food Nazis. night we ended up at Sushi Nozawa, home of the “Sushi Nazi” around 7pm and were seated right away at a table. We turned off our cell phones as soon as we sat down.

3 “Trust Me” Specials. A large Asahi, a Diet Coke, and a water. The Special is selected by Nozawa-san, aka the Sushi Nazi himself… he picks out what he’ll serve you; omakase: chef’s choice. “Trust Me,” it says. The Special was baby tuna sashimi (maguro) in ponzu sauce, yellowtail (hamachi, probably my favorite) sushi, red snapper (tai) sushi, crab rolls (fresh crab), large scallop (kaibashira) sushi, and fatty tuna (toro) roll.

This wasn’t regular sushi. It was fresh, high quality sushi. Served in a very modest, unpretentious strip mall off of Ventura. On plastic plates. Who cares about the plates? The food was delicious. I would not question Nozawa-san and would trust him to serve only the best.


We weren’t in the line of fire (the sushi bar), so Bossguy dared to take a call on his cell phone (he was hiding it) and even asked for fruit for dessert to Mrs. Nozawa (no, we didn’t get any and it was good thing he was about to pay). No one was dumb enough to ask for a California Roll. So we didn’t get kicked out. Yes, people have been thrown out for not following the rules. (Rumor has it that Charlize Theron was thrown out of here a few years ago.) We were in and out in under an hour. And when we left there was a line out the door of people waiting to get in.

I know some people poo-poo this place because of the lack of ambiance, service, decor, whatever. But I, for one, enjoy good food and since Bossguy was buying, the high cost of such a meal wasn’t an issue. Check out what others say about Sushi Nozawa.
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Photo snagged from danchan

So what other “Food Nazis” do we have in LA?

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  1. I’ve herd horror stories from that guy kicking people out over stupid things like asking for California rolls, talking on cell phones and asking for things other than what the chef gives you. I’m scared to go in. :(

  2. I was scared too, but just keep your mouth shut and you’ll be OK. No Sushi for you! Next!

    Another Nazi place, do I dare use the word Nazi here, is Canters. These waitresses are all over 70 and could care less that you want light mayo or a refill on your coke.

    I remember asking for a re-fill once, and the waitress said, you want me to walk all the way over there to refill your coke? I think I drank water the rest of the night.

    But I guess that’s part of the ambiance. Which is featured in the latest round of Carl’s Jr. commercials.

  3. Joz I’m glad to see you back here on and even happier to hear you had an enjoyable encounter at that place. The last thing (well maybe not the last but close) you need right now is a tough night out at a restaurant that no matter how fresh the fare or how well it’s sliced seems to revel in the kind of disrespectful bullshit that makes me want to either never ever go in there or to do so with a cellphone to each ear bragging about how much I was looking forward to a Cali roll or three.

    It ain’t a coincidence there’s a “no” in Nozawa. Nothankyou!

  4. The man at Crepe To Go on Sawtelle (same plaza as Hurry Curry) has a list of rules posted outside the tiny storefront, which if I recall correctly includes something about refusing to answer questions from “people too stupid to use brain.” An out-of-town friend said he’d go in and ask questions if we dared him to, but none of us dared! The crepes are great, though — there’s a particularly delicious dessert one with green tea ice cream, whipped cream, and fruit that I love.

  5. I’m with Will on this one. I love good food. I mean I really love it. But patronizing asses who don’t respect their customers only keeps them in business. I’ve worked many years in retail, and later in tech support. So I know about idiot customers.

    But think about it. If you’re actually afraid of how you’re behaving, is that really the kind of place you want around? For every jerk like this, I can name 10 restaurants that actually enjoy educating me about what they offer. And I’ll actually feel good handing over a couple of sawbucks for the evening meal.

    I’ve got no time for intentional rudeness. It’s not quaint, it’s abusive. And there’s too much of that already.

  6. I think some people might actually enjoy intentionally rude service. It’s sort of sadomasochistic in a way. Reminds me of the waitresses at Ed Debevic’s (RIP) who would shout at their customers. (Why did that place ever shut down anyway?)

  7. There used to be a theme restaurant (name escapes me – it was before my time) out in the Wilmington Marina that was based on the concept of incredibly rude service. People would pay a premium to be abused while eating their dinner as a form of entertainment.

    I miss the faux-rude wait staff at Ed’s too. That place had great fries.

  8. Funny, I’ve eaten at Nozawa a couple of times and had never heard of these “rules”. I had the trust me special both times, which I enjoyed immensely, and the one time I sat at the bar I had a nice conversation with Mr. Nozawa about how he picks his fish. So maybe ignorance is bliss.

  9. I personally wish there were more restaurants that enforced these sorta rules. I wish people could respect the dining experiences of their fellow diners also…it’s not an evil thing to ask people to refrain from using their cellphones at the sushi bar or at a dining table.

    And really…there are plenty of japanese restaurants that cater to the “California Roll” crowd. I’m happy there are some places that don’t serve it “your way”…its a dedication to the art of their craft. No compromises…how refreshing.

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