Living in Los Angeles, I see some “celebrities” every now and then (although it’s always more fun when you see someone who looks like a celebrity but isn’t and you can pretend that, hey, I just saw Ed Asner or some crap like that). Every once in a while though, I see someone so fantastic that I kind of can’t believe it. Yesterday was one of those days. I saw…Booger (aka Curtis Armstrong) at my local Gelsens. Coolest thing so far this summer!

7 thoughts on “Booger!”

  1. ha! booger’s a good one. we ran into ‘long duk dong’ at el conquistador during sunset junction. I was pretty stoked about that. For me though, nothing can top the morning i enjoyed a pre-work coffee with fred ward @ the coffee bean.

  2. Man, Gedde Watanabe aka “Long Duk Dong” is all over the place. I sat next to him at a sushi bar awhile back. I think he’s even on one of those Silver Lake maps that you can pick up, as some kind of “featured resident.” He does a TON of voice work nowadays:

    Fred Ward is a great one. My best has to be the time my friend Gavin met Sherman Helmsley in the parking lot at KFC while he was on the phone with me, and Helmsley actually got on the phone and talked to me. He’s awesome.

  3. I had Erik Estrada start playing with my hair at the Deli counter of Ralphs in Studio City. He said my hair my was very soft looking and just had to touch it. I then went home and took three showers.

  4. I saw curtis armstrong at a funeral of all places a while back. I couldn’t help but picture him picking his nose during the whole thing.

    I see Mario Lopez out all the time, him and Ben Savage. They get a round like a record if you know what i mean.

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